Create New Google, Gmail Account from Android Phone

Google is surely the best at anything they do. The web world is ruled by Google. It’s surely the most innovative developing company ever. The Android OS is surely one of the best things that they have ever designed. It has revolutionized the world of smart phones. If you have a Gmail account then you can enjoy the OS better with your Google id and get access to features like video chat on android. You can even open Gmail accounts as many as you want on your phone. The total Google service is entirely free so you can have as many accounts as you need. Google allows you to use all their services with one Google id but it’s always better to have different ids for different services like Gmail, YouTube and Orkut. The Android phone you use is capable to open Gmail accounts any number of times. It is a great feature that will help you for sure. Let me tell you how to use multiple Gmail accounts on your phone.

Opening New Google/ Gmail Account Using Android

1. Go to Android Marketplace from your phone. Find the latest version of Gmail from there as you need it to have multiple accounts. Install Gmail in your Android phone from there and go to the next step. 2. To open a new Gmail account, which is new, on your phone, tap the Menu key and then select Settings option. 3. You will find a list of actions that you can perform from there. Choose Account & Sync option from that given list. 4. You will find many options here including the account management options. You will see the Gmail id here which is associated with that Android phone. Select the Add Account button.

Create New Google Account from Android

5. You will find different apps to open an account for. Select the Google icon to open Gmail account and click Next button. If you want to open Gmail account in the Android phone, then select the Create button from the options that you have in the menu. 6. Enter the new Gmail id with password that you want to add in this phone and select Sign In button. Your Android phone will communicate with the server and you will receive a confirmation option on the phone. Select Finish Setup button and the account will be added. You can also refer to this video tutorial to get some idea on the Google account creation process on the android phone. Guest Post by Dimple Julyani who writes for a fast growing site on Android Tips. Also Read : Turn Off or Disable GPRS, Mobile Internet on your Android Phone

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